Halong Bay Cruise


  1. Cruise through the Karst Landscape:

    • Board a traditional junk boat for a cruise through the stunning karst formations of Halong Bay. Marvel at the iconic limestone islets rising dramatically from the emerald waters.
  2. Explore Cave Systems:

    • Visit one of the enchanting caves, such as Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave), known for its intricate stalactite formations. Explore the caverns and learn about the geological wonders of Halong Bay.
  3. Kayaking or Bamboo Boat Ride:

    • Choose an optional kayaking excursion or a peaceful bamboo boat ride to get up close to the limestone formations and explore hidden lagoons. Enjoy the tranquility of the bay surrounded by natural beauty.
  4. Sunset on the Bay:

    • Experience the breathtaking sunset over Halong Bay. The changing colors of the sky, reflected on the water, create a magical atmosphere as you unwind on the deck of your cruise ship.